Most homeowners are not aware of cockroach infestations until they unwittingly experience the distinctive crunch of the pest under a bare foot. As a nocturnal creature, roaches, Blattodea, can thrive in alarming numbers while going unnoticed. They are found throughout the United States, and are not just a nuisance but can prove destructive in large numbers.
of the black plague.

 Roaches, also referred to as water or palmetto bugs, can destroy food, damage book bindings and fabrics and spread disease. When roaches come in to contact with food, they often excrete filth and germs. Even worse is that their excrement not only leaves behind an offensive odor, but also attracts other cockroaches.

Behavior of Roaches
Roaches have three stages in their lifecycle: egg, nymph and adult. These pests deposit their eggs in a leathery case called an “ootheca”. The oothecas contain anywhere from ten to 48 eggs depending on the type of cockroach. Newly hatched nymphs have no wings and will shed their skin several times before becoming an adult. . Time of maturation for roaches varies widely depending on the variety.

Common Roaches
Many different varieties of cockroaches can be found in Florida, however, the three main species of roaches are the American Roach, the Australian Roach and the Brown Roach. Although the American Roach is the largest of these three varieties, all three pests are extremely similar in appearance. They measure between 1 to 1 ½ inches in length, and have brownish/reddish wings with light markings on their thorax. Their wings generally extend a few millimeters below their thorax, with all three acting as carriers for a variety of pathogens

Tips for Preventing Roaches
The two keys to controlling roaches are prevention and sanitation. Maintaining a clean home, free of food crumbs and improperly sealed perishables will avoid roach problems. Vacuuming will eliminate the skins and feces of roaches which cause allergies and attract other cockroaches. Although do-it-yourself chemical treatments exist, they are often improperly applied and lead to pesticide resistance, and ultimately poor control.

How to Control Roaches
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