Outdoor Pests


Many pests take up dwelling around the outside of your home.  Some bridge the indoor and outdoor gap,  while others will never come completely inside your home. Rodents, large or small, can take up residence in trees, shrubs, under decks, on roofs and in attic spaces. Rodents will be looking for food, comfort and shelter. When food becomes scarce outdoors, they will be searching for an opportunity to obtain food indoors. They can be completely content coexisting with humans and using your home as their own.

Highly Trained Technicians


Our technicians are highly trained and have an average of 20 years experience working for us. They are continually educated and have dealt with many scenarios of outdoor pest infestations. This expertise allows us to know were to look and how to find out if you are sharing your home with outdoor pests.

Potential Hazards


If you suspect that you have pests living near your home, contact Tomasello Pest Control today. Consider dealing with pests living near your home today. Just because they haven't yet become indoor pests does not mean they won't. Remember that pests typically multiply quickly. Just because you are not faced with seeing them indoors this does not mean they are not causing damage or becoming a potential hazard. Allowing them to multiply will most certainly increase potential risks and expenses.

Exterior Service

Our highly trained, skilled and experienced technicians will locate and apply treatment through pinpoint placement. This will provide solutions conducive to pest intrusion and infestation. Once removed we offer perimeter baiting and maintenance treatments to prevent future infestations around your home.