The origin of the brown widow spider, Latrodectus geometricus, is unknown because the species was independently discovered both in the Americas and in Africa. The brown widow spider became widespread throughout the state in the 1990’s, scientists believe that mild winters aided in their spread. The common complaint is that these Spiders are found in cars, trucks and RV’s. It is speculated that brown widow spiders have become prevalent throughout the state of through accidental transportation.


Appearance of Brown Widow Spiders
The male brown widow spider on average is less than a quarter-inch long and the much larger female averages one and a half inches in length. The characteristic widow hourglass can be found on their stomach, but the mark varies from orange to yellow in color. The brown widow also can vary in color, from a light tan to almost black with black, white, brown, yellow orange or brown geometric markings on its abdomen and legs making itoften times difficult torecognize.

Development of Brown Widow Spiders
Different its cousin, the Black Widow Spider a brown widow infestation can easily be identified by their unique egg sacs. Their egg sacs have been said to resemble sandspurs, white balls covered in “spikes.” Like other widow spiders, the female prepares multiple egg sacs in the summer months and each egg sac contains countless eggs. It takes approximately twenty to thirty days for the spiderlings to hatch and another six to nine months for them to mature to adulthood.

Behavior of Brown Widow Spiders
The brown widow spider is most commonly found in secluded areas, both inside and outside man-made structures. Some typical nesting spots for the brown widow spider are mailboxes, garages, behind hurricane shutters, underneath chairs and in the recessed handgrips of plastic garbage cans, etc.

The Brown Widow Spider's Bite
Some scientists from the University of Florida claim that the venom of the Brown widow spider is twice as potent as that of the black widow. Most commonly, the brown widow spider bites when it someone accidently presses on its body. This typically occurs when someone is putting on clothes or sticking their hands in recessed dark areas and corners unsuspectingly. Young children and people with weakened immune systems can potentially have complications as a result of the bite

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