Black Widow Spider


Member of the genus Latrodectus, the most recognizable of the Spiders is the black widow, Latrodectus mactans. The black widow spider is indigenous to the state. Because of this, it is the most widespread spider in. The female black widow spider is especially dangerous to humans because of her enlarged venom gland. Widow spiders are also known for their bizarre mating habits, at times resulting in the female killing the male after fertilization.

Appearance of Black Widow Spiders
The body of an average adult male black widow spider is a fourth of an inch long and between a gray and black color. The female is a much larger one and one half inch long and shiny black. The bright red hourglass shape on their stomachs is how most typically identify black widow spiders.

Development of Black Widow Spiders
The adult female black widow spider produces four to nine egg sacs in a summer, each sac containing between 100 to 400 eggs. Twenty to thirty days later spiderlings hatch form the eggs. It takes the spiderling another six to nine months to become an adult, but black widow spiders can begin to reproduce just two to four months after hatching.

Behavior of Black Widow Spiders
The black widow spider primarily seeks to nest in relatively secluded places where they can be protected. Outside in piles of wood, under rocks and around corners of buildings are common places for the black widow spider to spin its web. Although not characteristically aggressive, it will bite humans if accidentally squeezed or to protect its egg sacs.

The Black Widow Spider's Bite
The venom of these spiders is extremely potent. Just like the bite of its cousin, the Brown Widow Spider black widow spider may feel like a pinprick or go unnoticed. The area around the bite location may swell with one or two bite marks. Pain typically begins at the area of the bite and spreads throughout the body. For children and those with impaired immune systems, more serious symptoms can occur including shock, coma and even death. It is important that if you are bitten by a spider, to try to find it and preserve it in alcohol to make the diagnosis and treatment much easier.

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